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The Art of Being Socially Professional

One of the very unique dynamics in working a conference in a different city from your office is the rush of members to the area. Let’s talk about what happens when main office meets its stakeholders, members, and the city that is hosting you.

Being a young adult in my first professional job, you forget that your fellow coworkers usually are eyeing a spot at the bar after 14 hours of long work. There are some handy tips that come with trying to unwind at the end of a day and also remain as professional as possible in the eyes of your colleagues, and the veiled eyes of those around us.

You Are Not Done Working

You may not be needed until tomorrow, but you must remember to be functional tomorrow. Binge drinking in a foreign city with a bunch of people you’ve spent the entire day with sounds awfully appealing, but walking back into your position the morning after with a hangover is an unsightly proposition and a devil you do not want to dance with. You will not only be physically limited, but your capacity for thought is severely rendered and performance threatening.

Pace yourself.

Check Yourself

You are confined to a small radius, people are watching, keep things quiet, enjoy a couple to unwind and give you a moment to recharge but don’t act like its your birthday, your friends birthday, or anyone’s birthday for that matter.