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On Being Flexible, Malleable, and Fast

I did not get a job primarily focused in Public Relations. By a stroke of luck, good connections, and a penchant for interviewing I landed in the Events department of a non-profit organization. The best part, our national conference was a little over a month away.

The Flexibility

You may have spent a good amount of two years expecting one thing, but what you just got was a completely different beast. This is me, I had enough event experience to convince my employer that I am capable, but was much more trained and focused in a PR environment. Being flexible means accepting your role in a competitive world where you need to prepare and accept the opportunities presented before you.

Once here it’s time to accept that not every job is as clearly patterned for what you trained for.

The Malleability

In your team and your office, there will be people with years of experience within an arm’s length. Take advantage, absorb the information, allow yourself to be shaped by their experiences and advice. Remember to stay true to yourself however. I can say for a fact that there was not one thing that I did in my day-to-day that my teammates could not attest to doing at my age. I am very thankful for this, they offered insight and potential routes for best practices to be implemented as each unique experience landed in front of me.

The Speed

You’re a month away, you need to take steps now to adjust yourself, be autonomous, but do not be anonymous. The speed in which you absorb information is imperative, take all the notes you can, save the important orientation presentations in a good folder and record all initial calls to get an idea of you are speaking with that may have an investment hold in the organization. Get it done quick, get it done right, ensure your success.