When The Dust Settles

What’s left?

November 6th, 7 am, my alarm is resonating, my eyes slowly open and as I feel the strength to turn up and step out of bed I land on a pulsating pain on my heels. Nothing specifically wrong other than being confined to stiff dress shoes with a weak memory foam pad. I get moving and changed to meet my boss for our post-conference meetings.

I’ll spare the details of these as they are just consolidations of the same evaluations of Conference arriving from different teams and perspectives. All good, see you next year.

Evaluate yourself

This wasn’t done in the midst of my pre-cons, but I was able to summarize every moment where I felt there was a moment to improve: could we have communicated better, we proofed this program thirty times yet allowed a monstrous typo to rear its ugly head, why weren’t we able to staff “X” room during the bulk of conference?

I may be too hard on myself but I felt that these failures are unacceptable. Better practices must be implemented upon my return to the office on Thursday. On the face of it, the Conference with out a truly noticeable hitch. But I’m on the other side, I’ve seen and heard everything that was needed to.

You’re taught to evaluate campaigns in many PR classes, a dog is a dog no matter the breed and like a campaign, there’s plenty to evaluate, analyse and report on an event and what needs improvement.

There’s plenty of work to do.


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