What to Expect When Travelling For Work

The first words from my new supervisor were “Be ready to travel, welcome to events.” What I took as an invitation for a potentially great moment should have been heeded for a warning. The naivete in me made the mistake of expecting this to be half work half vacation.

Fifteen, This was my average amount of hours worked once I landed in Seattle. When working events, you see all your young coordination of things come to life: prints ordered, rooms scheduled, workshops and meetings planned. There is an adrenaline rush, and 3 cups of coffee, that kept me going every day, seeing our work come to fruition. That rush came crashing to you like a wall and you won’t feel your feet for a few hours.

The only time you will have the time after your work is done, usually by 7Pm -barring and formal evening events- to enjoy the city and by that point you are tired. Make it a point to plan your dinner wisely, do your research. I took my lunch break to do a nice Yelp check on what was offered nearby.



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